Worship with us on Sundays at 10:30am MST

Jesus is a Universalist

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 883 2190 1271

Led by: Gary Ezzell
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz

Let's do something rare at UUCP and talk about Jesus. Not as the Christ, but as a teacher of a profound form of love, one that was radically inclusive, impossibly universal. Love your enemies, really? But if love truly is our doctrine, let's listen to someone who lived it.

UUCP welcomes all to join us and embrace our mission to be a spiritual community for our time:

Theologically Diverse

Rooted in deep understanding of various faiths and traditions, our congregation nurtures personal growth and the search for truth and meaning.

Radically Inclusive

Reaching out to embrace all, our congregation challenges itself to grow with new voices, ideas, and experiences.

Justice Centered

Inspired by our Unitarian Universalist values, our congregation is organized and empowered to act in advancing justice in our local and global communities.

You Can Help Us Close the Gap at UUCP!

Close the Gap! with chart showing amount still needed; email closethegap@phoenixuu.org to help

In order to act in all the ways that support our values, we need to support ourselves, including our staff, to be able to make our programming a reality and fulfill our commitments to our community. We are working on a zero balance budget and making sacrifices in order to live into the budget and prepare to renew our commercial credit line which includes our mortgage. We all agree that we would like to do more. But first we must meet our budget goal. Read more or email closethegap@phoenixuu.org.