Worship with us on Sundays at 10:30am MST

Generosity: From You I Receive To You I Give

In-Person + Online: 10:30am MST
Zoom: 832 5138 9321

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: John LaBarbera
Music: Choir Sings

In the series of our UU Values, we will be exploring the next value of Generosity, which connects us to both gratitude but also hope for what the future we can create. We will ground ourselves in our UU Values to kick off our Stewardship season. We will also welcome new members this morning.

UUCP welcomes all to join us and embrace our mission to be a spiritual community for our time:

Theologically Diverse

Rooted in deep understanding of various faiths and traditions, our congregation nurtures personal growth and the search for truth and meaning.

Radically Inclusive

Reaching out to embrace all, our congregation challenges itself to grow with new voices, ideas, and experiences.

Justice Centered

Inspired by our Unitarian Universalist values, our congregation is organized and empowered to act in advancing justice in our local and global communities.

Grow Your Spiritual Garden. Come Grow With Us!

The growing your garden stewardship logo on a white background.

Growing Your UUCP Garden has never been more important. Now more than ever, we need the sustenance that our beloved community provides. This garden, planted by our UUCP founders, is our home and needs committed tending, especially in these troubled times. We are called to stewardship, the act of protecting and being responsible for something worth caring for and preserving. We ask you to reflect on how UUCP is a garden of community, ideology, action, and growth. What aspects of UUCP are worth not only preserving, but nurturing, for you, for the congregation, and for the... Read more or email stewardship@phoenixuu.org.