Unitarian Universalism embraces diversity, so no two congregations will be exactly the same. How does the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix congregation represent UUism?

You can describe us as:  warm, engaged, and multi-generational. The warmth comes through between members and between the congregation and the minister and staff. Our Sunday services engage members and visitors by encouraging participation, even during the virtual services imposed by the pandemic. A key part of that engagement can been seen in our music programs, which have remained active and even expanded during the difficult times when we have been unable to meet in person. Our multi-generational congregation ranges from the youngsters in our powerful Children’s Ministry program to members with a lifetime of experiences to share for the benefit of others as we connect and engage throughout the congregation.

As a congregation, we are passionate about anti-racism, anti-oppression, equality, and justice work. Social justice is not just a component of our ministry; it is a deeply-embedded part of our congregation. We strive for a multicultural anti-oppression presence in every aspect of what we do, including worship, outreach, and even committee work. Our commitment to justice can be seen in the various causes we serve.

When our congregation welcomes new members, we embrace the gifts and insights you bring that allow us to continue to improve and grow closer to our vision of being a spiritual community for our time. We don’t try to force you into our mold; we welcome you to grow along with us.