For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

A picture of a deep well with the text Where Did I Get This Resilience From in white over it.

Where Did I Get This Resilience From?

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Gio Palumbo
Music: Choir

As we go through difficult times and head into a busy season, let's remember that our ancestors (however we define them) have drawn from deep wells, and that we can tap into that resilience.

A rainbow colored background of beads with the UUCP logo in the foreground and the words Becoming the UUs Weave Always Been in white text

Becoming the UUs Weave Always Been

Led by: UUCP Coming of Age Class
Worship Associate: COA
Music: Band: Holy Now

Help weave the vibrant tapestry of UU Identity. Join coming of age youth participants in sharing personal narratives, stories, and traditions. Together we'll discover surprising familiarity within UU history and our congregational culture.

A silhouette of a woman watching a sunset making a heartshape with her hands.

Love is at the Center

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Gary Ezzell
Music: The Seal Lullaby

In the first of our series around our new UU Values, we will explore the one that is in the center: LOVE. Why is it in the center, what does that mean for us, and how is that a critical part of deepening our beliefs as UUs.

An American flag with clouds in the background and a blue sky.

What Veterans Day Means to Me

Led by: Jon Palumbo
Worship Associate: Yosana Palumbo

We will give you a perspective on Veterans Day from someone who has served in the Army for the last 21 years and a family member of someone who serves.

A picture of a place of worship in Izrael.

Praying For Peace: Hurt and Harm in Palestine and Israel

Led by: Rev Christine Dance
Worship Associate: John LaBarbera

The news from the Middle East is devastating and many Unitarian Universalists are torn on how to react, except with horror and despair. With the context of her trip to the Holy Land last year, Rev. Christine will share some thoughts as we share our grief. We will also welcome our new members during this service.

A group of pictures on a table.

Remembering Our Ancestors

Led by: Rev Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Jon Palumbo

In many different traditions, this is the season of remembering those who have died. Bring photos and names of your ancestors and beloveds for us to remember them and recognize why the remembering is important.