For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

Drawing of hands covered in words, cupping a meditating figure also covered with words, "Loved into Being" arcs above the drawings

Loved into Being

Led by: Worship Associate Sarah Montgomery and Leaders from our UUA Network
Worship Associate: Sarah Montgomery
Music: UUCP Brass

Join us for a special multi-platform service with a recorded sermon from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and reflections from Rev. Mariela Perez-Simons and Rev. Chris Long—all from our greater UUA network. We will talk about the role of love, how it has shaped who we are as individuals, as communities and as a movement.

White text on slightly cloudy blue sky: BIGGER? BETTER? - better is upside down

White Supremacy Culture: Progress Is Bigger/More

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Sarah Montgomery
Music: Tabla Improvisation with Shreyas Iyer

In our series on White Supremacy Culture, we'll explore the widely-accepted belief that "bigger is better" and that progress means having/getting/doing more.

White blossoms against blurry green background


Led by: Rev. Patrice Curtis
Worship Associate: Amy McKlindon
Music: Singer-Songwriter A.J. Odneal

May Day's joyful history focuses on the new growing season of plants and animals after the fallow seasons of winter and early spring. As beautiful expressions of earthly kin-dom, how might we celebrate our lives anew?

White text: Earth Day; white leaf; stylized globe; all on green gradient background

Earth Day: Hope or Palliative Care?

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Gary Ezzell
Music: Marimba Soundscapes with Marilyn Clark Silva

While Earth Day is often about how much we love nature, animals, and specific actions we can take, this year, we must acknowledge that we're at a critical point, and possibly a point of no return. When it comes to climate justice, where do we find hope? And, if we can't, how do we prepare for the crises that will continue to increase?

Smiling people wearing elaborte hats gathered in a city street

Easter: Resurrecting Joy and Hats

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz
Music: UUCP Choir

Prepare your most creative, fun or outrageous Easter "bonnets." We'll be talking about why Easter is such a celebration for Christians and have a little joy and celebration ourselves with our own little Easter Parade.