For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

A UU Chalice against an orange wood background.

Our UU Values and Healing The World

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance, Rev. Patrice Curtis, Brigitta Vieyra, Katie Resendiz

With new revelations of harm and boundaries broken, let’s gather in community to lament and explore the complexities of being human together. We need each other–let’s gather in comfort and care.

A group of drag queens posing for the camera with pride flags behind them.

Easter: Liberation Through Drag

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Dylan and Gabo

In Christianity, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection and transfiguration of Jesus--the transformation from human to divine form. On this Easter, we will consider how the the art of Drag is a holy transformation. Come (in drag if you wish) and look at his story in an entirely new way.

A black and white picture of the US - Mexico border.

Immigration: Centering Justice, Human Dignity, and Hope

Led by: Lillian Aponte Miranda
Worship Associate: Amy McKlindon

This Sunday, Lillian Aponte Miranda from The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project joins us to discuss immigration as one of the moral and human rights challenges of our time. She will share the challenges faced by immigrants at the U.S-Mexico border and within adult and child detention centers, and how we can center justice, human dignity, and hope in charting a path forward.

A girl holding blue colored flowers on a dark background

Flower Communion and Child Blessing

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Bill Snowden

For our annual Flower Communion, bring a flower to share as we celebrate, beauty, gardens, natural growth and community. We will also be dedicating the youngest members of our community.

The UUCP phoenix logo next to the text Rewriting Covenant on a purple gradient background.

Rewriting Covenant

Led by: Rev Sky Williams-Tao
Worship Associate: Jon Palumbo
Music: Nicole Pesce

In 1894, Unitarian minister Rev. James Vila Blake wrote a covenant that became the backbone of the one said during each of UUCP's worship services. A few years ago, Rev. Sky Williams-Tao rewrote this covenant. Why would they do that? How did they do it? Come to hear about the rewriting journey, and for lots of UU lore.

A picture of a couple holding hands.

Generosity: From You I Receive To You I Give

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Worship Associate: John LaBarbera
Music: Choir Sings

In the series of our UU Values, we will be exploring the next value of Generosity, which connects us to both gratitude but also hope for what the future we can create. We will ground ourselves in our UU Values to kick off our Stewardship season. We will also welcome new members this morning.