Being a member connects me to a greater purpose and helps me feel that I am making a difference in the lives of others and in the world around me.

Membership at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix means being part of a vibrant organization that turns shared beliefs into actions. People come to UUCP at all stages of life. We all have our own histories, abilities, and needs, and our community changes and grows as we individually change and grow together. Membership allows you to be an active part of that growth, with the opportunity to amplify your voice by assuming leadership positions as you embrace and support our covenant of commitment to our congregation.

What Do Members Say About UUCP?

When the pandemic forced us to close our building and move to a virtual format for most of our activities, our membership team decided to create a series of short videos to help newcomers understand what life is like at UUCP. The videos include an introduction from our minister, Reverend Christine Dance; information about Unitarian Universalist beliefs; a brief history of our congregation and a virtual campus tour; overviews of our faith development programs for children and adults; and information about how we care for each other and our congregation. If, after these glimpses into life at UUCP, you think our congregation might be a good fit to be your congregation, or if you have questions, please reach out to us for more information.

What Does Committing to UUCP Include?

As you can see in the videos above, committing to UUCP membership should include commitment to:

  • Presence: Coming together each Sunday, virtually or in person, sharing our common experience, because community is central to who we are. We need to be together. Paraphrasing Rev. Galen Guenerich: what we do together in community: songs, words, rituals, silence… is how we experience our faith and pass it along, from person to person and generation to generation.
  • Spiritual growth: Being open to change, deepening your emotional life, nurturing the deepest part of your character. Working intentionally at your own spiritual development is a gift to the congregation and to the larger world.
  • Participation: Giving our talents and time in whatever ways we can makes our mission and vision real and, crucially, connects us to each other more deeply. It is through smaller group activities that we get to know and care about each other.
  • Financial support: Pledging provides our self-supporting congregation the ability to be effective in our members’ lives and to advance our mission in the larger community. Members’ abilities to give vary widely; everyone’s contribution is treated confidentially and with respect.
  • Shared ministry: Recognizing that what we are about is ministry in all its many forms and that we members are responsible for who we are and what we do. Our minister and staff are guides, but the work is ours.
  • Covenant: Making and keeping our promises about how we will be with each other as we share our time and work together.
  • Unitarian Universalism: Learning about this faith’s history, exploring the resources available regionally and nationally, and influencing its ongoing evolution.

Covenant of Commitment to Our Congregation

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal religion; we don’t have a creed or dogma that we need to follow. Instead, we mutually commit to shared values, trust, and concern for the welfare of each other. The following covenant of commitment was specifically developed for and by our UUCP congregation:

I am committed to the role our congregation plays in my religious exploration, and respect the shared ministry of each congregant, staff member, and minister, therefore:

  • I acknowledge and accept my role as a community member, approaching each encounter with curiosity, generosity, and patience with the process
  • I honor differences as opportunities to learn
  • I listen to what others say
  • I do my best to communicate directly and with humility

I understand disagreement and conflict as an opportunity for growth, therefore:

  • I state my views with kindness directly to those involved
  • I say of another only what I would say to them
  • I am open to be changed by others
  • I practice both patience and fortitude
  • I remember to show gratitude to others for their contributions.

I affirm our flourishing religious community, therefore:

  • I am generous with my talents, efforts, and gifts
  • I support those who take leader positions
  • I accept leadership when called and guide with love, warmth, and humor
  • I encourage positive development within our congregation, individually and collectively

Thus do I covenant.

If UUCP sounds like the congregation you have been looking for, we invite you to learn about the simple steps required to become a member.