UUCP’s governance framework is based on the policy-based governance model of Dan Hotchkiss. Our goal is a governance structure that is a balance between minister/ staff and lay-led involvement in carrying out the ministries of the congregation and meeting our strategic goals—where we all feel vital, engaged, accountable to each other, and respected in our roles.

Listed below are the members and contact information for the various groups related to the governance and leadership of UUCP:

Governance Documents

In the sidebar, you can find links to various governance-related documents such as the Board Policy Manual, Bylaws, Annual Reports, Board Minutes, and Congregational Meeting Minutes. Printed copies of older records are stored in the UUCP office. Contact administrator@phoenixuu.org if you are unable to find what you’re looking for here.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees sets mission, vision, and policy. It is assisted by three committees: Finance, Personnel Advisory, and Governance. The minister implements policies into programs and activities, or “strategic ends”. Terms of office for elected members run from July to June.

You can contact the board at board@phoenixuu.org. The members for 2023-2024 are:

  • Bunny Hodas (Co-President)
  • Shelley Stephenson (Co-President)
  • Geoff Anderla (Vice President)
  • Mary Margaret Magee (Secretary)
  • Carol Ackerson (Treasurer)
  • Amy McKlindon (Member-at-Large)
  • Jonathan Hohn (Member-at-Large)
  • Richard “Duke” Plattner (Member-at-Large)
  • Youth Representatives
    • Gabi Amiday
    • Leo Stephenson-Brown
  • Rev. Christine Dance (Non-voting)

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for the Board of Trustees, the UU Foundation, and the Nominating Committee itself. You can contact the committee at nominating@phoenixuu.org. The current members are:

  • Donna Featherston 2023-2025
  • Linda Vance 2023-2025
  • Barbara Cawthorne 2023-2025
  • Ed Cernek 2024-2026
  • John LaBarbera 2024-2026
  • Sharon Hise 2024-2026

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Unitarian Universalist Foundation of Phoenix

The purpose of the Foundation is to benefit UUCP by providing financial assistance for major projects that require more investment than can be provided by annual operating contributions. All UUCP members are automatically members of the Foundation. Learn more about what the foundation does. You can contact the foundation at uufp@phoenixuu.org. The current officers and members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors are as follows. The years indicate the terms of service, not the positions held.

  • Smoot Carl-Mitchell 2023-2026
  • Chris Fallon 2023-2026
  • Ted Myers 2022-2025
  • Marshal Smart 2022-2025
  • Erik Chapman 2024-2027
  • Vince Waldron 2024-2027
  • Bunny Hodas (Ex Officio, UUCP Board Co-President) 2021-2025
  • Shelley Stephenson (Ex Officio, UUCP Board Co-President) 2024-2025
  • Rev. Dance (Ex Officio) 2018-Present 

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Program Council

The Program Council is made up of all paid and volunteer staff and activity group leaders. The Council meets three times a year for the purpose of increasing communication and to provide opportunities for collaboration so that the ministries can better carry out the congregation’s mission. You can reach the Council Chair, Diane Targovnik, at council@phoenixuu.org.

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