We welcome you to engage with us in the work that we do in the larger community, the personal growth that comes from faith development, the conversation and connection found in small groups, the joy of music that uplifts the congregation, the fun experienced in a variety of activity groups, and the work that keeps UUCP active and vibrant. Young people from nursery through high school will find engagement opportunities for their age groups and older kids can be part of our intergenerational committees.

Find Your Pathway to Participation

It is important to our congregation that you find the connections within UUCP that you are looking for. Below, you will find links to files describing the many groups, teams, and committees that do the congregation’s work in various areas of interest. Each file includes the group’s mission and activities, how often it meets, what the group expects of its members, and how to contact the leader for more information.

Please look through the ones that speak to your heart and join us in the work to be done. If you have questions, feel free to email participation@phoenixuu.org.

Groups that are currently accepting new members

Service in the Broader Community

Service for Our Spiritual Development

Service to the Congregation