For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

People crossing the street at nighttime.

Deep Listening as a Spiritual Practice

Led by: Brigitta Vieyra
Worship Associate: Bill Snowden & Jon Palumbo
Music: Choir

Who and what we listen to is who and what we become. In a time of so much noise, we'll be tuning in to how deep listening is a gift for greater wholeness and transformative love.

A stethoscope on a purple background with a red heart

Heartfelt Reflection: Lessons from an Unscripted Heart Attack

Led by: Jon Hohn
Worship Associate: Carrie LifShitz

We will delve into a transformative journey marked by a life altering heart attack and explore themes of the embracing lives uncertainties and releasing attachment to rigid outcomes. This story will serve as a poignant reminder at that our lives can emerge from challenges with a unique beauty this extends a heartfelt invitation to live with open hearts and cherish every precious moment.

Young child blowing a shofar; light text on dark background: In Awe of Awe: The Jewish High Holy Days

In Awe of Awe: The Jewish High Holy Days

Led by: Rev. Christine
Worship Associate: Sam Kirkland

This week and next week are the Jewish High Holy Days, otherwise known as the Days of Awe, between the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Join us as we learn from our Jewish siblings about introspection and repentance.

A group of Coyotes and a Roadrunner drinking from the UUCP water basin.

The Water of the Desert: Our Water Communion Ritual

Led by: Rev. Christine and Brigitta Vieyra
Worship Associate: None
Music: UUCP Choir

It is one of our most treasured rituals at UUCP, our Water Communion. Come join us with your waters from your travels, your home, or use some of our water in the ritual. Water is so critical in our Sonoran desert climate; we will honor, learn, and ground ourselves in the sharing of water.

A wheelchair symbol next to a gavel on a texztured blue background.

Faithfully Honoring Limits

Led by: Brigitta Vieyra
Worship Associate: Amy McKlindon
Music: UUCP Band

The disability justice movement calls us to expand liberatory access for connection, justice, and community. This Sunday, we'll explore what theologies of limits can teach all of us about how to faithfully live into interdependence.

A couple standing in a field of flowers looking at a mountain range.

Beginnings and Other Adventures

Led by: Rev Christine
Worship Associate: Owen Lifshitz

As we begin a new program year, we will contemplate the nature of "Beginnings" and all the beginnings we have in our lives.