When tangible support is requested during times of need or transition, Unicare volunteers respond provide meals, transport to medical/doctor visits, and assist with errands or other temporary services to care for congregants.

Unicare volunteers are the “doing” arm of our pastoral care. In times of need or joy, Unicare volunteers provide support to congregants by sending cards, notes, or emails; making calls; providing meals or temporary transport to doctor/healthcare visits. These caring actions are provided whenever possible, with volunteers notified of a request by an email from the Unicare Coordinator or from the Sunday Joys and Sorrows shared during service.

About Meal Trains

Our UUCP community shares journeys by supporting congregants with meals during challenging times and life transitions. Volunteers may choose to make a meal & deliver, or order take out for delivery; see the instructions in each meal train. If you’d like to help or know someone who could use some meals, please contact unicare@phoenixuu.org. Thank you!

Requesting Help

If you have a request for this level of support, please email the Unicare Coordinator at unicare@phoenixuu.org.


This document provides information about Unicare’s mission and activities, how often it meets, and what the group expects of its members: Unicare. If you would like to be on the Unicare Meal Train email list and help other congregation members and friends, please email the Unicare Meal Train Coordinator at unicare@phoenixuu.org.