UUCP is partnered with a Baha’i community outreach group on the Navajo Nation, and periodically they ask for assistance with supplies and projects for their families and community.

Our congregation is eager to help when asked, and we share requests when they arrive. In the past, we have collected or purchased food, clothing, and other supplies for delivery to members of the Navajo Nation, which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also donated funds to support a Navajo youth project that cut and hauled wood, and repaired wood stoves for single elders and families with small children.

When new requests for assistance come in, we will share them here and in the Compass newsletter.

  • Navajo Nation Update – Nov 11, 2021

    As chilly weather descends up north, our friends on the Navajo Nation continue to need help in supporting their communities. Issues of unemployment, isolation and distances, illness, supply chain problems are challenging. Through the generosity of our congregation members and friends over this year, we were recently able to deliver a good quantity of cleaning, health, and hygiene supplies for community organizers to give out over the winter, as well as lots of boots of various sizes for the children. They so appreciate knowing that we care about their families, we are grateful to be connected to these friends, and thank you for making this possible.