“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”
―Angela Davis

I started volunteering with the UUCP Children’s Ministry in 2019. Soon after, I became a member of the childcare staff. I now serve as the Children’s Ministry Program Assistant.

Children carry an urgency with them that I truly relate to. I believe they are the strongest element of change in society. I strive to provide proper tools and guidance to support children in climbing the tallest mountains of their imagination. I also appreciate helping kids and families navigate the terrain of big questions and complicated subjects.

Climbing mesquite trees and meandering beneath the canopy of the Palo Verde trees of the outdoor campus with a squad of children is my happy place. With that said, it made perfect sense to begin the UUCP scouting program “Navigators” during the 2020 pandemic. I also co-lead and support others through many of the UUCP programs and classes.

I treasure the UUCP congregation because it allows me to collaborate with other radically inclusive individuals. Tinder is ignited in my heart when I see our Black Lives Matter banner as I enter or pass by our physical church. It reminds of the diversity in age, identities, and ideas that dance through our hallways.

My rad family members Nabi and Jera also attend programming at UUCP.

Outside of the immediate UUCP community, I glean inspiration from the Worthy Now Prison Ministry Network and strongly hold the belief that all people are inherently worthy even if they are imprisoned.