I first joined the staff of UUCP in late 2015 as Children’s Ministry Assistant, and since then I have worn a wide variety of hats around campus. On some days I have been back-up Sexton, Chalice Kids teacher during Community Nights, Kids Kamp staff, and pteranodon builder. These days, I have the incredible luck to wear the hat of Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry, which seems like a very serious and important thing to wear! Luckily, this hat still comes with plenty of time for playing, creating, singing, collaborating, and sitting on blankets.

My family moved from California to Arizona when I was in preschool, so I tend to think of myself as a local. I currently live in Phoenix with my spouse, Andi, and you may see them around UUCP. Our dog, Ellie, prefers hanging out at home or visiting my parents’ dogs to joining me on campus, but I’m always ready to share pictures of her with anyone at any time—just say the word!