Dr. Seuss, Mitochondria, and the Virtue of Honesty

The morality of Dr. Seuss as seen in his imaginary Truffula trees and Sneetches is supported by some real universals, such as how all living cells harness energy. Honesty, which is fundamental to science and morality, is also a universal … and as Dr. Seuss … read more.


"Our family has been attending UUCP off and on for a few years, and we recently decided to become members of this amazing community. As individuals, we have both questioned the value of organized religion to varying degrees over the last decade or so, and until we visited UUCP it wasn't clear that we would ever want to be a part of a faith community again at all. This congregation has opened our eyes to the love and peace that can come with religion, and we're so happy to have spent time with you."

I find that spending time with the kids and getting to know them is time well spent. A spontaneous hug from a six year old makes my week.