The Outdoor Group is a recreational and social group that meets the second and fourth Saturday during the cool months, plus New Year’s Day, to share an outdoor experience, primarily hiking. We welcome and encourage everyone interested in having some active fun outdoors to join us. No commitment is necessary. Come when you can, no excuses necessary when you can’t. For more information, please contact

What a wonderful stroll the Outdoor Group enjoyed on February 24 at Seven Springs. The temperatures were brisk as we started out.  The trail follows one of the burbling springs as it tumbles over beautiful big rocks.  A gentle climb leads the hiker to a slightly higher elevation where looking down on the water flowing over and around the rocks creates the perfect space for conversation break complete with trail snack.

March 10 is our next hike.  It is a great “in-town” hike on the north side of Phoenix, offering a variety of views.  Be prepared for some moderate climbs.  Trails are wide enough to make conversation easy.  The Dixie Mountain Loop begins at the base of the southern mountain, and we’ll follow the trail counter-clockwise around the northern mountain with beautiful views of Dove Valley.  The trail is rolling and scenic as it loops through the Southern Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve.  Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail.  After the hike we will return to the Elevate Coffee Company, where people can enjoy a casual lunch while sitting at their outdoor patio.

Flyer for hike