Mark your calendars the 2nd Friday of each month. It is held at the UU congregation of Phoenix at 4027 E. Lincoln Dr. in the Sanctuary from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

January 13 – OMAN – WHO KNEW??  &  DUBAI – WE ALL “KNOW”– by Margo Wilson

We may have a superficial knowledge of Dubai: world’s tallest building, malls with ski runs, aquariums, ice skating rinks, etc. But we learned a lot about UAE and Dubai in our four days there.  We knew almost nothing about Oman: its different version of the Muslim religion, its deliberate lack of tall buildings and huge malls, its beauty, its role in mediating disputes among mid-eastern countries, its lack of significant oil income.  Let’s visit these two very different countries that are near neighbors.


Februany 10 – A POLISH WEDDING by Nancy McCharen and Dave Bellama

Nancy and Dave share their experiences when they traveled to Krakow, Poland, in June 2016 to attend the wedding of the son of English friends and his new Polish bride.  They celebrated Will and Malgosia’s marriage in a palace an hour outside Krakow and also spent the better part of a week exploring the city of Krakow, a fascinating medieval center filled with wonderful surprises.  We visited castles, parks, historic sites and museums, walked the medieval cobblestone streets of the original market and the old town, and ate in the underground grottoes and leafy courtyards of national restaurants where the fare was one delightful surprise after another. We also took time to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau, Schindler’s factory and the former Jewish quarter and ghetto and learned much about that sad part of the city’s history.  Please join us.


March 24 – VENICE:  QUEEN OF THE SEAby Walt & Ruth Pinkus

Venice is one of the world’s iconic tourist destinations.  It was at the top of my bucket list, and we went there last year.  Tourists tend to think of  Venice as a sort of cultural theme park, and in many ways the Venetians encourage this perception.  What tourists often overlook is that it is a real city, with real residents going about their daily lives largely unnoticed by the throngs of tourists who outnumber them.  It has its own history, politics, and challenges.  We’ll cover as much of this as we can using the pictures we shot there.


April 28 – SYRIAN REFUGEES LANDING IN GREECE – by Claude Guldner

This presentation is a sharing of experiences working with the commission on Exploitation and Abuse of Children of the World Health Organization.  Having been involved with the organization since 1984 I have had many experiences dealing with a variety of issues related to children while visiting 175 countries of the world.  Refugee issues are not just recent as we have many countries from 20 or more years that were once part of the Soviet Union, from sinking islands in the Pacific, from civil wars in much of Africa and the Middle East, etc.  Trafficking, child prostitution, overcrowded schools, exploitation in labor fields, forced marriage, early pregnancy, orphanages, day care facilities understaffed are among the many issues we try to address.  Provision for adequate medical services, vaccinations, clean water supplies, food, shelter are also standard activities of WHO.

MAY 12 –   ROAMING CHINA OFF THE BEATEN PATH  – by Carolyn Allenby
Two friends who hadn’t seen each other for twelve years explored China for three weeks, traveling more than  2,000 miles on a customized private tour. From Beijing we took an overnight train west to Datong and the Yungan Grottoes, then rode with our next guide in a  van south to stay in a traditional inn of  Pingyao Ancient Town, near the Hanging Monastery and Wang Family Courtyard. We flew to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors, continued by bus east to Hangzhau.   Another  flight took us southwest to Guilin. A private river boat  by the scenic karst hills brought us to Yangshuo. In addition to visiting numerous sites of art, culture and history at each location, we climbed the Yellow Mountain by foot and descended by cable car and bicycled countryside of Yanshuo.  We learned through the eyes and lives of the five different young guides who escorted us though sections of the trip between the transit points, and then explored the departure city of Shanghai on our own. In most of these places we seemed to be the only western tourists viewing a mix of ancient and modern ways.  Come see our pictures and hear stories of the people we met along the way.

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