A picture of a heart with black text announcing 30 days of love for 2023.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is promoting 30 Days of Love between MLK Day and Valentine’s Day with a month of spiritual nourishment, political grounding, and shared practices of faith and justice. There will be messages, body practices, prayers, and stories that will ground you in the theme of the week. Covering topics from democracy to reproductive justice to climate justice and more, these resources will lift up our values and challenge us to action. 

Each week will have a different theme:
Jan 16-22: Interdependence :: Democracy & Electoral Justice
Jan 23-29:  Embodiment :: LGBTQIA+, Gender & Reproductive Justice
Jan 30-Feb 5: Healing: Decriminalization
Feb 6-12: Resilience: Climate Justice

For more information and to subscribe, visit sidewithlove.org.