Navigators meeting

Sunday, September 24 - 12:00pm MST Join us after service on Sunday for a brief Navigators meeting. Meet up at the table in the back of the sanctuary with the Navigators poster. We will have a signup sheet for folks that are interested in joining our group. We will also have materials available to see what trips our group took last

Navigators SAWUURA Campout Meeting

Sunday, August 20 - 12:00pm MST “SAWUURA” stands for “Sierra Ancha Wilderness Unitarian Universalist Association”. The purpose of SAWUURA is to provide a religious, educational, and spiritual center for members and friends of Unitarian Universalist congregations. We will be meeting in the Sanctuary after Coffee Hour on Sunday, August 20, to discuss the September camping trip to the UU “SAWUURA” campsite.

Abolition classroom is closed. Please visit our website.

Tuesday, July 25 - 8:15am MST Thanks everyone that took time to visit the Abolition Classroom while we were open. To prepare for fall arriving on campus, the classroom has moved to a website resource now. Thanks for all of the conversations and fun times. Our navigators group will continue to work within an abolitionist scope in everything we do. We

July Navigators Meeting: Anti-racism in The National Audubon Society

Monday, July 24 - 6:30pm MST With the extreme heat in mind our Navigators group will be meeting online for July. Our theme will be anti-racism in The National Audubon Society. We will look at the ongoing actions and debates within the birding community to remove the last name of John James Audubon from the national societies name. Some chapters have

June Navigators to Focus on Abolition

Monday, June 12 - 6:00pm MST This month we will have our first meeting on Monday, June 12, in person at UUCP. Our June theme for Navigators will be abolition. We will be meeting up in the Abolition Classroom in Annex A. Our group will look at a couple of the exercises in the room, complete at least one and do

Phenology Update

Our Navigators group had a really fun time learning about Phenology and desert trees this month! Seven of our members observed the traits of our favorite Mesquite tree on campus using resources from the Natures Notebook webpage. Mx. Jezz also showed folks some of the edible Parkinsonia/Palo Verde tree beans. We hope more UUCP members