With the extreme heat in mind our Navigators group will be meeting online for July. Our theme will be anti-racism in The National Audubon Society. We will look at the ongoing actions and debates within the birding community to remove the last name of John James Audubon from the national societies name. Some chapters have changed their name despite the national group choosing to keep said name. Below are a few links to provide background information on the subject.

The UUCP Navigators group works to keep anti-racism as a foundation for our outdoor activities. We welcome others to use a lens of diversity to see the outdoors. We look forward to folks joining us for this discussion.

Zoom ID: 826 1544 8939 | Passcode: 949562

Relevant links: 

Washington Post Opinion article from Christian Cooper:
Why the National Audubon Society must change its name.

Audubon Magazine article from J. Drew Lanham contributing author to Audubon magazine
What Do We Do About John James Audubon?

Washington Post article on the name change subject:
National Audubon Society, pressured to drop enslaver’s name, keeps it

For more information, contact jezzputnam@phoenixuu.org .