Hello from UUCP Navigators. As we approach the eurocentric holiday known as “Thanksgiving”, we want to encourage folks to learn more about the Indigenous land that is around us. The following website Native-Land.ca provides an interactive map to see the different tribes whose land we are on. 

We also encourage folks to visit the Why Single Out Racism page from The 8th Principle website. This page explains why UU’s need to be more accountable to listening to members of our community when they bring attention to racism. 

The bedrock of our UUCP Navigators group is to strive for a more inclusive, multigenerational, non-oppressive space, for our youth. We strive to create an environment that fosters safer spaces for creating memories and experiences with the Flora and Fauna that live around us. We view our stories and experience through a lens of diversity and attempt to lift each other up as we travel down this path together. 

Secondly, we would like to extend a warm thanks to everyone that attended our hike last Sunday. Our on campus hike invitation enticed 19 congregants and concluded with a total of 21 Hikers. Our group gathered under the canopy of the Large mesquite tree for a brief  pre-hike discussion with John Reed Mafeo. We shared a conversation and tips about how to prepare for safer hikes in the desert. Our hike meandered along the small trail behind our campus and was a great first hike for our group.

Our last November Meeting will take place on Monday November 28 at 6:30pm. We hope you will join us on Zoom: Zoom ID: 849 3528 7782 | Passcode: 707448

We will be reflecting on our hike and checking in about future events for our group.

We hope to have more on and off campus meetups in the future. Please see Compass for more information.