From ‘All Aboard!’…Thank You!

The ‘All Aboard! UUCP Auction 2023’ Team would like to say, “Thank You!” to all those involved in making this year’s event an exciting and fun experience for all those in attendance. The team itself was a true pleasure to work with! Everyone on the team was a perfect match for the tasks they undertook and followed through on. The volunteers that worked hard the morning of the event in setting up UUCP Station are so appreciated, and the volunteers that worked the evening of the party are equally as appreciated for helping pull off a smooth running, fun evening! A special shout out to the veteran volunteers who simply showed up, showed out, and did their thing. What a pleasure!

The very foundation of this wonderful event that raised north of $25,500 are the generous folks who donated to, and then will host, all the wonderful Live Auction events bid upon that night. What a wonderful gift it is to donate one’s time, talents, and resources in support of the congregation of our times.

The live auction closed out with a special gift by an anonymous donor offering up to $5000 in matching funds to directly support the items and monies requested by the front office and staff. The “room” stepped up, reached back into their pockets, raised their paddles, and matched the pledged amount. Together we raised $10,000 in one fell swoop!!

The Silent Auction was gifted with 80+ unique items and services from which to bid. We also had 5 “fixed price, fixed attendance” events where one was not out bid by another.

Even the Raffle pulled in north of $500. The night was joyfully capped by a young girl who won a $100 trio of gift cards. Upon hearing her raffle ticket number called out, she started to dance and shout out in joy, warming all our hearts!

The generosity of giving on display by the entire UUCP community, donors, buyers, volunteers can not be overstated. To EVERYONE involved in support of ‘All Aboard’, “THANK YOU!” And see you next year!

The ‘All Aboard! UUCP Auction 2023’ Team

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