Dayspring United Methodist Church
1365 E. Elliot Rd., Tempe, AZ 
Sponsored by AZ Interfaith Power and Light

Arizonans just endured the hottest summer on record. More extreme heat, mega-drought and increased wildfires are the new reality for Arizona. Yet Arizona is not making sufficient use of our remarkable solar and human resources, even as the Earth exceeds climate targets. Join us as we explore how faith communities can come together to offer a prophetic voice for climate progress right here in Arizona.

Guest Speaker Blaise Caudill, Energy Policy Advisor for the Governor’s Office of Resiliency and Arizona Interfaith Power & Light Leaders.

  • Blaise Caudill on the AZ Office of Resiliency and their work for energy efficiency programs in Arizona.
  • Arizona’s climate progress and challenges
  • How people of faith can work together for a climate-forward Arizona


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