UUCP members at the Beatitudes retirement community (16th Avenue & Glendale, about 6 miles west of UUCP) are looking for a tech-savvy person to regularly or periodically set up the Sunday morning service Zoom for them. It is important for the UUCP members and friends to be able to access the Sunday service. Some do not have transportation to UUCP and some do not have computers. All appreciate the opportunity to be together in community.

They already have a shared laptop, so it could be it is set up and then the volunteer leaves or they are welcome to stay as the UUCP members at Beatitudes are a very enjoyable group. The current volunteer is not always able to be there and wants to attend in-person services, too. The volunteer should be knowledgeable in computers and Zoom. The main skill needed is someone with experience in working with 2 screens and screen extensions.

If you are interested in helping this treasured segment of our UUCP community, please contact beatitudes@phoenixuu.org. Thank you!