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September 2021 Navigators Meeting KNOTS

September 13th @ 6pm See Compass for our login info. Join us for our September Navigators meeting which will be focused on “knots”. Knots are somewhat of a “lost art” however they have many valuable uses and not to mention can be a lot of fun!  This month we will have a quest speaker from

UUCP Childrens Ministry Navigators

Childrens Ministry Navigators for Earth Day 2021

Monday, April 12th – 6pm Navigators Zoom Meeting In celebration of Earth Day, we are exploring gardening from the Planet chapter. We will be sharing photos and videos of gardens within our congregations community as well as the greater valley area. If you have a garden at your home or in your community you would

UU Virtual Egg Hunt

Surprise! It’s time for the Unitarian Universalist Virtual Egg Hunt 2021! Visit our Facebook post! Happy Easter to all! We have a #uuanywhere surprise for you: UU staff and lay leaders from all over North America have hidden Easter egg pictures on their congregational and organization websites for you to find. Welcome, to the UU Virtual Easter

Race and Music – Children’s Songs

Music has delivered powerful social and political propaganda for thousands of years. I wonder how music can play into today’s fight for racial equality and justice, and what I can do as a musician. It’s overwhelming to know where to begin, as there are many ways that music supports a doctrine of white supremacy. I