UUCP President Message to the Congregation, May 2020

Like each of you, I find myself settling into new routines just long enough for them to be unsettling and require change. Some of us may have more time on our hands, which only means more challenges with time management between work, life, and self-care.

Board Message to the Congregation, January 2020

The members and friends of UUCP welcome all in building religious community, called to share journeys, grow in spirit, advance justice. The Board of Trustees continues to work with Reverend Dance to achieve the goals set in August. The 2019-2020 goals are to secure a firm foundation in process, deepen and grow membership, complete construction,

UUCP Covenant of Commitment to Our Congregation, January 2020

I am committed to the role our congregation plays in my religious exploration, and respect the shared ministry of each congregant, staff member, and minister, therefore: I acknowledge and accept my role as a community member, approaching each encounter with curiosity; generosity, and patience with the process I honor differences as opportunities to learn I 

Board Message to the Congregation, September 2019

We are living into our vision to be a spiritual community for our time. There is no time like the present to continue the work we started last year to modernize, update, and grow our UUCP community. Thank you for being with us as we continue the work started 60+ years ago and leave a