We will meet on Sunday, March 13, at 1:30pm via Zoom: ID: 929 0550 6684 | Passcode: Earth

We will hear reports on partner organizations, events, upcoming projects, things we can do to help, and issues relating mostly to climate change. Newcomers are welcome. New ideas are welcome. Meetings usually last an hour or less.

In the legislature, there are bills that could use your consideration and comment:

  • SB1631 aims to rescind a law now in force that allows utility companies to make arrangements to share their grids with other companies. This would create monopolies of existing electric companies and work against more energy from clean sources.
  • HB2181 would not let the state interfere in the killing of Mexican Grey Wolves if they were perceived to be endangering people or livestock. If passed, it would be like open season on wolves.
  • SB1629 makes it harder for volunteers and organizations to register voters.
  • HB2439 says parents and school boards have veto power over any books chosen for schools. This slows the book selection process and could lead to book banning. The Am Library Assn supports the “freedom to read” as if it were freedom of speech.
  • SB1399 would let foster parents choose religious training for children in their care regardless of birth parents wishes.