Please join the Earth Justice Ministry for our next regularly scheduled meeting on Sunday, October 10, at 1:30 via zoom, as follows:

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Passcode: Earth Webinar ID: 929 0550 6684

All are welcome. Our agenda will include what to do with the Eat Plants column, what happened with the Build Back Better Act and where to go from here.

RAISE YOUR VOICE TODAY!  THE HOUSE is voting today on whether or not to save our and our grandchildren’s future!

The House has postponed to Thur. 9/30, its vote on the $1.2 trillion bi-partisan infrastructure bill. And funding cuts to the related $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan bill are being discussed.

The two bills together, as originally written, are the climate plan we have waited decades for, putting the U.S. on the path to reducing carbon emissions by 50% across the economy by 2030. We must stop the funding cuts and any changes that would increase emissions. Join us in calling for those defending the two bills to HOLD THE LINE! 


Call your Members of Congress today!

Dial 1-844-872-0234 and use our call script:

You will enter your zip code and be automatically connected to your appropriate federal lawmakers. Press ✱ at any time to be connected to your other representatives, you will be automatically forwarded to the next representative when the first hangs up.

CALL SCRIPT: My name is ________ . I am a constituent from _________ and I’m a member of Earth Justice Ministry of UUCP  (or ____________________).  A majority of Americans want bold comprehensive climate legislation now. 

We are calling on you and every other Member of Congress to pass the reconciliation budget plan, in its entirety, alongside the bipartisan bill. Without bold comprehensive climate action, there must be no deal.