Earth Justice Ministry strongly suggests you sign-up for legislative updates on the Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter website. After attending the Environmental Day at the Legislature, I learned that Sandy Bahr puts out a review of bills progressing through the legislature. Her information is as succinct and usable as the one put out by CEBV, but it also includes environmental bills!!!

Eat Plants for the Planet: Commemorating Black History Month: Eric Adams, the new mayor of NYC, is creating history as the first black mayor and plant-based lifestyle promoter. African Americans are heavier and sicker than any other population group. Nearly half of all Black adults suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease. Eric Adams, the new and first black NYC mayor woke up with severe vision loss one day in 2016. He was one of the nearly 5 million Black people living with diabetes—and, according to his doctor, he would have it for the rest of his life. But Adams was not ready to become a statistic. There was a better option besides medication and shots of insulin: food. Within three months of adopting a plant-based diet, he lost 35 pounds, lowered his cholesterol by 30 points, restored his vision, and reversed his diabetes. Now he is on a mission to revolutionize the health of not just the borough of Brooklyn, but of African Americans across the country. Read his book, “Healthy at Last”. Try his recipes—A recipe for Chipotle Mac N Cheese is on The Beet website: Or try the ones on UUCP website under Earth Justice, Eat Plants for the Planet.