Do you have a bank account? A car? A pet? A child? Do you have a document that says who makes decisions for you if you’re unconscious or die? These are all parts of your estate.

Join Emily Kile, Estate Planning Attorney, on January 29 at 10:30am to learn why you need an estate plan and how to put one into action. The workshop will take about 60 minutes depending on questions.

An estate plan is important for everyone, regardless of the size of their estate. Learn about different kinds of trusts and documents, how to keep everything up to date and understanding what should be in your “estate planning binder.”

Do you know?

About 50% of people do not have a will or estate plan.

An estate plan designates the person(s) who will make financial and health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do.

The estate plan includes a will, a trust, a durable power of attorney, a health care power of attorney, and may designate beneficiaries and guardians. 

A well-designed estate plan will: 

  • Support family, friends, or causes that are important to you
  • Establish control over who gets what (and who doesn’t)
  • Provide for children who need a guardian
  • Help minimize taxes and fees on your estate
  • Facilitate the transfer of ownership for a business or property such as a house or car

It is essential to create an estate plan and keep it updated

If you die without a will, your estate will go through probate.

  • Probate is not private—anyone can get information from the probate court
  • Probate is expensive—at least 5% of the value of your estate
  • Probate takes time—an uncontested probate usually takes at least a year

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Join us for this important workshop on January 29 at 10:30am on Zoom.

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