What a magnificent day last Saturday was. I am still floating from all the emotions from our Diamond Anniversary and Installation. While the Installation was much later than we wanted, it ended up being much more meaningful. Instead of committing to the unknown future ahead of us, we affirmed the commitment that we have already forged, having already gone through the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic together. In addition to celebrating what we’ve gone through (the congregation in the last 75 years and us in the last 3), it cemented our commitment to do amazing things in the future—work for justice, build community, and be our best selves.

I want to give a special thank you to our amazing staff Benjie, Stephanie, and Katie; to Bunny and the board for their vision, to Carrie for her organizing skills, to Melissa and Des for the amazing food, to our amazing tech team for their brilliance, to Georgia for the flowers, to Sarah for the programs, to Barb for the wands and fans, to our great drummers and choir, and to everyone else who made the day happen so smoothly.

I just want to reiterate how lucky I feel to be your minister. I loved showing you off to all of our guests—who just gushed about how loving and full of joy the ceremony was. I love how you have trusted me as we’ve navigated uncharted waters together. And I have loved getting to know you and can’t wait for the all the years we will have together to grow deeper together.