Let's Finish Closing the Gap! - bar chart showing how close we are to our $36,000 goal

Two weeks ago, we asked everyone to help us close the gap between our 2023-24 stewardship pledging goal and the amount already pledged. Our goal was to get 200 pledging units to commit to $180/year—just $15 a month—and raise $36,000.

The number of pledging units has now grown to 65, bringing the campaign total to $29,940. That leaves us just $6,060 short of our goal.

If we could get 100 people to give $60 for the year (or $5 a month), we could close the gap.

If you have already donated, we deeply appreciate your support. If not, please consider joining those who have stepped up. Even $1.25 a week can make a difference. Here’s the breakdown:

$5/month = $1.25/week
$5/month x 12 months = $60/year
100 pledging units x $60 per year ($5/month) = $6,000

Feeling Like You Can’t Make Enough of a Difference?

We understand that for many of our members and friends, substantial donations just aren’t possible. But we want you to understand that even a donation of a few dollars a week can make a difference in the programming we can offer. Our Minister, staff, and Board of Trustees all believe that with everyone’s help, no matter how small, we can reach our goal!

To help, please send an email to:

In that email, state your name and what you would like to add to your current pledge. We will do all the tech work within the system. If you have auto payments through your bank, you will need to adjust those, after you have notified us through email.

If you have not yet made a pledge for this year, please send us an email and we will get your information into the system.

For those who are already doing all they can—we understand and thank you.

For those who can do more to help out, please consider it. Whatever you can give, you are joining together in community to make our dreams possible.

With Love and Gratitude,
Reverend Christine and the Board of Trustees

For more information, contact closethegap@phoenixuu.org .