Children sitting at a school table working; one is looking up toward an adult with their hand on the other student's shoulder - overlaid with Maryland School logo

Many thanks to all of you who made donations of school supplies or funds to purchase them for beginning of the year at Maryland School. In addition, our community partnership with Beatitudes Campus and Church of the Beatitudes provided a back-to-school luncheon for all the staff as way to encourage them in their commitment for the year ahead. Staff members have expressed great appreciation for the outpouring of support.

Can You Help Tutor?

Initial evaluations show that a very large number of students are performing significantly below expectations for their grade level and plans are being put in place for special interventions to give them extra assistance. You can help with this by volunteering an hour once a week to work with a student (K-8) in reading or math as a tutor and encouraging mentor. Times are set up by matching class times with what works for you. Please email Cathy Kim at to let us know of your interest, get more info, or ask questions. Tutoring can be a very interesting and satisfying way to make a big difference in the life of a child!