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A simple, but important way to increase funding to schools—tax credit donations

Everyone who files an income tax return to the state of Arizona can direct some of their taxes to schools through the tax credit program. You have the opportunity to receive a tax credit for contributing to extracurricular activities at schools, such as field trips, athletic and fine arts programs, after school activities, and special features such as a school garden. 

Anyone can participate: married or single, with or without children. Married couples filing jointly may claim up to $400. Single persons, heads of households, and married couples filing separately may all claim up to $200. Using this form, you can send your contribution directly to our partner school, Maryland Elementary School (address is on the form), include the contribution on your tax return, and receive a refund from the state. This can be done at any time during the year and through April 15, 2022 for 2021 tax year.

For more information on these tax credits visit the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website or see ARS §43-1089.01 for more information on the law.

Email if you have any questions.