Hello My Beloveds!

Rev. Christine Dance

With the coming of our Water Communion this Sunday, it is the traditional start of our program year. While I have been preaching through the summer and many of you have been here through the same time, there is an excitement and anticipation that comes with this time of year; our kids are back in school, Children’s Ministries classes are happening, Adult Faith Development classes are starting, teams and committees are starting to plan and creating covenants for the year. It’s all exciting and has the smell of great possibility.

With the coming of the new year, I’d also like to start a new practice of having a message to you each week in Compass. I find there are so many other things I’m thinking about that can’t fit in sermons or announcements but are relevant to our congregational vitality. Sometimes it will be to tell you about what I’m noticing. Sometimes it will be to emphasize something that is happening in our world or country or denomination. And sometimes it will be just to tell you how much I love you.

Will you help me come up with a name for this column? While I’ve used Minister Musings before, I feel like we can come up with something more creative. After all, with a name like Dance, a faith called UU and a city called Phoenix, surely we can come up with something fun! Dance Notes? Phoenix Flyer? Please submit any ideas (including funny ones) using this form and submit as many as you’d like.

I will see you on Sunday—online or in-person—with your water and I wish you many beautiful blessings for this coming program year.