For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

A picture of christmas cookies laying on a table with a tree branch next to them

Christmas Morning Worship

Led by: Benjie Messer & Katie Resendiz
Worship Associate: Mary McManus

On this Christmas morning, join us in your pajamas for Christmas Stories, songs and community. Snuggle up for this informal service that has us enjoy our UUCP community on Christmas morn.

2 lit candles in brown glass holders on table scattered with decorated Christmas cookies

Christmas Eve 2022

Led by: Katie Resendiz, Rev. Christine Dance, Rev. Patrice Curtis
Worship Associate: Carrie Lifshitz, John LaBarbera, Jon Palumbo
Music: UUCP Choir & Orchestra

Christmas Eve 2022 at UUCP will feature 3 activities for all ages: Christmas Pageant at 5:30pm; Cookies & Cider between services; Christmas Eve: No Room at the Inn Worship Service at 7:30pm

A picture of a snowflake floating with blurred trees in the background

Winter Solstice

Led by: Rev Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Bill Snowden
Music: ReSisters

Join us as we embrace the shortest day of the year with the Winter Solstice. We'll explore what we can learn from honoring the darkness and stillness of this sacred time in the turning of the year's wheel.

leafless tree in snow-covered field under cloudy sky

Blue Holidays Worship Service

Led by: Rev. Christine Dance
Music: Benjie Messer

Join us for this special mid-week service to acknowledge that the holidays can be very difficult for some people. Join us for community, sharing and reflection on the complex dynamics that can show up during this time of year.

A picture of a Buddha statue with palm trees behind it

How Do We Find Hope and Liberation In Buddhism?

Led by: Rev Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Gary Ezzell, Donna Featherston
Music: Jacob Adler

In the third installation of our Hope and Liberation in World Religions Sermon Series, we will explore some of the tenets of Buddhism. We will explore how they bring us hope and also how there are challenges to finding hope in this very rich tradition.

A field of Daffodils with white text over a black box

Forgiveness: A Spiritual Commitment for Our Time

Led by: Sam Kirkland and Vince Waldron
Worship Associate: Sam Kirkland
Music: UUCP Members

This fall, the Adult Faith Development team presented a 5-session workshop on forgiveness, facilitated by Sam Kirkland and Vince Waldron. This panel worship service is a collection of reflections, readings, and songs—on the impact of forgiveness—presented by participants from the workshop.