For most of our worship services beginning in the spring of 2020, we have video recordings of the full worship service and of just the sermon available for you to watch.

View of lighting over city at night, overlaid with hands forming a heart shape

How Do We Love Them When We’re So Dang MAD at Them?

Led by: Reverend Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Sarah Montgomery

During these challenging times, the antidote to stress and UU's First Principle is the Worth and Dignity of all people. We also say in our covenant that "Love is our Doctrine." In the time of the Jewish High Holy Days when we look at the wrongs that we've done and the concept of forgiveness, how do we love people as a moral imperative when so many people have made us so very mad in the last year/years?

Can’t Take My Joy Away From Me

Led by: Reverend Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Amy McKlindon

During these challenging times, the antidote to stress and trauma is not only rest, but also joy.

Painting of a flaming Phoenix poised to strike

Phoenix Rising

Led by: Reverend Christine Dance
Worship Associate: Amy McKlindon

In Rev. Christine's first service in this year's program year, we'll look at the metaphorical Phoenix in the literal Phoenix. What lessons do we have about rising, recreating, and re-envisioning as we start this year together?

Drawing of people & animals in a forest setting

Preschool Buddhism: How to Just Be, You Know, Like Three

Led by: Bob Davis
Worship Associate: Sam Kirkland

Let’s explore “Preschool Buddhism” and teaching kids to say ouch. Let’s discuss how Buddhism teaches you to recognize things about yourself. This helps you connect to others and to the outside world.d to the outside world. Please Join Us! You can easily join us on Zoom from a smart phone, computer, or tablet: Or visit

Cartoon-like drawing of space creatures with moon in the upper left

Rediscovering Art

Led by: Joseph Benesh
Worship Associate: Sam Kirkland

The pandemic gave us both less and more art. Artists and arts organizations suffered tremendous losses. However, loss also reaffirmed the need for arts and culture in our lives. We witnessed new forms of art, singing through windows, and collaborations across the world via the internet. Join us to see a few examples from people

mulitple colored hands reaching skyward

Inclusion Service

Led by: Katie Quinn & the Inclusion Team

Every Sunday we come together to build community, but for some members coming together maybe more challenging than it looks. Last year the Inclusion Team here at UUCP worked hard to make a space that would truly be welcoming for all. In this service they will highlight voices of some of our members who are