"UUCP Navigators June 2022 Social Justice" with UUCP logo

This month we will be discussing Social Justice through the lens of diversity. We will be looking at how Social Justice plays a role in both humyn diversity and  ecological diversity.

For an idea on how diversity and the pursuit for equity and social justice was formidable in the environmental movement, please see this clip here from 1982 which reflects on the relationship between humyn rights and environmentalism. When Environmental Justice Meets Human Rights

We have a short “Social Justice” PDF to also help you as an individual/family/or small group discuss social justice and equality.

At our second meeting on June 27 at 6:00pm, we will discuss the diversity of climate change. Using the Documentary “Earth Emergency” released by PBS on 2/29/21. We will look at the different ways habitats in the ecosystem face negative “warming” feedback loops. As we mentioned in previous Navigators meetings, biodiversity is an important measure of the richness of diversity in an ecosystem. With the reality of climate change upon us, different ecosystems change from the effect of climate change. Below you will find a few videos explaining these changes.

Ice Sheets and climate change
Melting Permafrost and climate change