Our next navigators meeting will take place on Monday May 22nd at 6 pm. We will be meeting in the Johnson room. The theme for the meeting will be Phenology. After a brief opening we will take a short walk around the UUCP campus to learn a little bit about our favorite trees. 

Phenology refers to the study of seasonal changes in nature. This study places an emphasis on how our climate shifts these natural stages. Phenology could be thought of as seasonally measuring changes in the lives of the plants and animals in our environment. For us in the desert one of the subjects of Phenology that we can easily study is the cycle of trees in the Fabaceae family. These trees often repeat annual life cycles such as, taking on deciduous traits, proceeded by stages of “leaf break” and flower production followed by catkins and fruits (beans)! 

We look forward to seeing you there! If you ever wanted to learn more about nature in the desert this is your chance. 

For more information, contact jezzputnam@phoenixuu.org .