UUCP Childrens Ministry Navigators

Monday, October 11th at 6pm AZ time

Our October Navigators meeting falls on the holiday “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Join us as we share stories about Indigenous wellness. We will be discussing different traditional food recipes and approaches to better health and wellness of local tribes.

Here are a couple ideas you can do to prepare for the meeting:

Resources for the Heard Museum: Learn about the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Did you know that the Heard Museum has their own library? You can visit their library and utilize resources that are rare and hard to find. heard.org/library/

As a family download some of the teacher resources on the museums page and discuss what you learn from them: heard.org/education/teacherresources/

Well for Culture website Visit the “Well for Culture” website and review some of the resources they share. Try out a new recipe! Use these links to find a few recipes you might want to try out on your own: www.wellforculture.com/recipes

Learn a little bit more about physical fitness by visiting their page on “movement:” www.wellforculture.com/indigenize-movement

This page shares basic movements of physical fitness: www.wellforculture.com/sevenbasicmovements

Follow this link for maps of (your tribe if you are indigenous) some of the tribes of Arizona If you are a settler: https://itcaonline.com/maps/?fbclid=IwAR0Qcvn7bW7dCvzUrI9jdK1zoPa81a-V_wO0Ws3U1oactw5vrWqpvsypLpg

You can easily join us on Zoom from a smart phone, computer, or tablet:

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Passcode: 707448 | Everyone is welcome!