A group of kids sitting near a pond on the liberty wildlife hike

We had a great trip to the Liberty Wildlife Campus last week! Along with a few of our normal members we also had a new family join us. Our group was able to have lots of up close interactions with different animals. One of the unique aspects of Liberty Wildlife is that many of the volunteers are youth! So our younger Navigator members were able to interact with with folks closer to their age and learn from them. If you have never been to the Liberty Wildlife Sanctuary we would strongly recommend making the time to visit them!

Our next outing will be on May 13th at 6pm at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. May is often a hotter month here in Phoenix. So in light of the weather we will be switching our outing to the Second Saturday of May and it will take place in the evening to hopefully provide a bit of respite from the heat. More information will follow next week. We hope to see you there.  

For more information, contact jezzputnam@phoenixuu.org .