A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

The Ministerial Discretionary Fund is one of the tools I use as a Minister to help this congregation.  Sometimes I have referred to it as our own “internal redistribution of wealth.” It has helped congregants pay bills, get out of tough spots and, during the pandemic, receive a meal from a delivery service. It is confidential and totally at my discretion, although I have many guidelines that I use so make sure it is managed appropriately. As many of you know, we’ve had a series of tragic and untimely deaths in our congregation recently, and several of them have had challenging financial implications as well–where it just isn’t possible not to have funds to take care of things. As such, our Ministerial Discretionary Fund has been depleted.  

Each year, the Ministerial Discretionary Fund is replenished during the Offering at the Christmas Eve service. This is the only time we request funds for it, although some folks are very generous in donating to it other times of the year.  

Many people have asked over the years if the Ministerial Discretionary Fund needs replenishing and usually the answer is no, but I’ll let you know if it does. So here I am letting you know–it needs replenishing. You can donate by check or online by going here and pulling down the Ministerial Discretionary Fund line.  

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us take care of each other. This is what a community looks like.