A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

I love working on the sermons in this year’s Sermon Series on our proposed new UU Values. There’s an old adage that a Minister writes what they need to hear. This is so often true for me. I mean, I do hope it is useful and valuable for you, but the elements that draw me into a sermon are usually the ones that are relevant in my life.

This sermon series is helping me remember why I am in love with our faith. Exploring our faith from these new entry points has been so useful in helping me realize what a rich, deep and life-giving faith it is. If I’m honest, I was dreading this week’s sermon on Pluralism; how do I describe Pluralism in a way that holds up its many dimensions and gets us to understand that it is far more than drawing from other world religions? But I loved exploring and writing it!

With each new value, I am exploring how radical our faith is, how different it is from anything else that exists and how loving and transformative it is. I hope you are getting just a fraction of the learning and joy that I am getting from them.

We are ramping up for a busy next two weeks. I want to highlight our “When Hope Is Hard To Find” service today (Thursday the 14th) for anyone who is struggling with the holiday season, and our UU MInistry for the Earth (a national organization) is having a Solstice service next Wednesday. You can join online or in-person with Brigitta.

In this busy week, I am wishing you joy, peace, and comfort.