A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

This past Sunday, the service was about how voting and the equal access of voting continues to be a Civil Rights issue. Boy, was that a topic that was just in time! With the 2024 election year in full swing, the Iowa caucuses this week, and the beginning of the Arizona Legislative season, we are now officially immersed in what I am calling “the season of anxiety.” I’m seeing it show up in all kinds of places–pastoral care, small groups, team meetings and parking lot conversations, and I know it will get worse. 

Just to be very clear, we know the stakes are high, and I know many of us are involved, informed and invested in this election.  

SO… please take care of yourself. Turn off the news when it gets too much. Remember that taking in more information doesn’t necessarily change the outcome. Find–or double up on–a spiritual practice. Do gratitude exercises. Find moments of joy in every day. Connect with the community. Get outside.  

Whatever happens this year–in the country and in Arizona–we know the work will continue. Whatever happens this year, we know that we will continue to bend the arc towards justice. Whatever happens this year, we know we will be together in community.  

Take care of yourselves, beloveds, and let’s hold hands and get through this together.