A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

I love this time of year at UUCP! So many of our beloved snowbirds are back, bringing a vitality and warmth to the congregation that we don’t even realize we miss until they return. People come to us with energy, ideas, opportunities and step in for leadership in ways that continue to amaze me, plus we have this great energy after we’ve gotten a little bit of rest and rejuvenation from the holidays.

There are three big things happening just this week that are examples of this energy:

  • This Friday is a concert by the wonderful justice-oriented Joe Jencks. His music will inspire and uplift you in ways that words cannot, and his spirit will raise yours–I promise. Tickets are on a donation basis and if you can’t afford them, I have some extras that others have donated.
  • On Saturday morning, we have a Workday to do some cleaning and organization of our community spaces. We’ll be helped by some members of Arizona School of the Arts, who had their homecoming dance at UUCP and want to show their appreciation. No matter your physical ability, we’d love to have your help.
  • Finally on Sunday after services, we have our mid-year congregational meeting. Come to hear what you all said at our 3-D discussions on how we can live into our mission, to hear about what is happening when the preschool moves out, and some grateful news about our finances.

That’s just three days! In the meantime, we hope you will embrace the energy in the halls, the vibrant discussions at coffee hour and the friendly faces. I know I am soaking them up as a balm during these difficult and anxious times.