A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

Another one of our banners has been cut down again. This time it is our “No Human Is Illegal” sign. It was taken late at night on Saturday evening before worship on Sunday. We have them on camera, but they parked around the corner so as not to be identified.

We have already ordered another one. If you’d like to sponsor the replacement of this banner, it is $350. We’ll keep replacing them as long as we have to.

The removal of this banner is consistent with the harassment shift we’ve seen in the alt-right spaces. They have been targeting immigrant aid organizations like No More Deaths and the UU Congregation of Tucson which sponsor them. They have been terrorizing their aid camps and their leaders, similarly to how they were harassing LGBTQ+ leaders last Spring and mask and vaccine proponents in 2021.

We are stronger. We are more resilient. We are more creative and we are filled with more love. These are minor inconveniences in comparison to the people who are trying to survive as they cross the desert in fear for their lives. These banners are literally the LEAST we can do to support our values in the world. While the harassers’ goal is to instill fear, we will not let them win and we will treat it just like it is: an annoyance by cowards who wish to deter us.

In solidarity with our migrant and refugee families, we pray for migrants and refugees, borrowing and adapting words from the Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Spirit of Life, we thank you for the gift of families. 
We are grateful for all of the joy and love that they bring into our lives, and we ask that you provide special protection for all families, particularly those who face hardships as they move in search of a better life. 
Show mercy to those who travel in danger, and lead them to a place of safety and peace. 
Comfort those who are alone and afraid because their families have been torn apart by violence and injustice. 
As we reflect upon other holy journeys, help us to remember the suffering of all migrant families. 
We pray that all migrants may be reunited with their loved ones and find the meaningful work they seek. 
Open our hearts so that we may provide hospitality for all who come in search of refuge. 
Give us the courage to welcome every stranger in our midst. 
With love and solidarity in our hearts, we say Amen and Blessed Be and So Might It Be.