A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

I’ve been reflecting on the events of the last two weeks A LOT lately. And–me being me–one of the waysI like to reflect is in a theological way.  

I’ve been thinking about Paul from the Christian Bible. Paul spent a lot of his letters talking about how the Christian church should be set up. He called the church the “Corporate Body,” in Christian terms, it was the Body of Christ in a community. That is different than what they called at the time the “Corporeal body,” which comes from “corpus,” which is literally a person’s physical body.  

Thinking of these two kinds of bodies these last two weeks has given me a lot of room for reflection:

  • This situation stems from the fact that we should always have consent and autonomy over our physical body.  
  • This event affected the entire “corporate body” of our UUCP community.  
  • Some individual bodies in our congregation have experience with misconduct and the trauma was triggering to their bodies.
  • While this was happening, I was also helping take care of Karen’s corporeal body while she healed from her knee surgery. I actually found this very grounding.  
  • Also while this was happening, the AZ Supreme Court also ruled in outlawing abortions through an 1864 law: this is very relevant to the autonomy that we have over our bodies.  
  • The song that I’ve been singing to you all these last two weeks is all about loosening our body and not carrying the weight of the world in our muscles and bones. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

With our theme of interdependence this month, I clearly see that these are all connected; they offer me an opportunity to reflect on them individually by seeing where and how their connections are woven together.  As we continue to make meaning out of all the things happening in our world, what do you reflect on around the body today–the community body, your personal body, the legal body or the spiritual body?