A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

There is a great shift that is happening on our campus. This past year, we have had some big changers with our renters that have created some great opportunities for how we use our space at UUCP.

  • The preschool is moving to someplace with more space.  
  • We have new renters that will be using less space and in ways that allow us to use it as well.  
  • DVLC is adding Annex B and C to their campus, providing us additional rent as well.  

There are some short-term plans and some longer-term plans. We are excited to share all of them with you, and we have the beginning of that in this email that went out this week.

All of this means a little more stress on your staff who already have full plates, a little more chaos in a year that has already had more than our share of change. Here’s some thoughts on how you can make this easier for all of us:

  • If you have questions, ask.  
  • Be curious. We may not have all the answers, but we’ll do our best to figure them out.  
  • Be patient. We may not be able to do everything the way it was immediately, but we’ll get there. 
  • Show some grace. Please remember that we’re all doing our best to make the transition happen.