A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

This weekend, in addition to leading worship with you all (our Pet Blessing–outside–with animals and lots of joy!) I also get the sad but great privilege on Saturday of officiating a Memorial Service for the grandson of our beloved Dale Fisher and brother of our beloved Sage Fisher. On Sunday, I get another honor to preside over the wedding of our beloveds Blake and Georgia. Then next Saturday, we have a Memorial Service for Ruth Thistlethwaite.

While many of you see me as the face of the congregation on Sunday, officiating at major Rites of Passage like Memorial Services, Weddings and Baby Blessings are a major part of my job as well. They are the times I get to know you and your family on a deeper level and help escort you through these big milestones.

Every single time, I think about how honored I am to get to have this role in your life. These rituals are often the times when you are most “human.” You may not know how to go through the process and want a guide. You may want someone who shares your joy or sadness with you and gives you a container for all the feelings. Or you may want someone to mark the occasion with as much solemnity and seriousness as you have for it. It is an awe-inspiring opportunity for me to be that person for you and your family.

There can be all kinds of rituals for which you may want your Minister. I’ve done name blessings for folks who have transitioned or changed names for any reason. I’ve done house blessings for new homes, especially for a big transition. I’ve done rituals to recognize a divorce or to recognize a new member in a family, and I’ve done grief circles for families when they say goodbye to a pet. Rituals are critical in recognizing the change of our lives. It is a great privilege to be part of them.

If you are curious about a ritual for you or your family, I encourage you to reach out to me. I hope you will join me as we send our condolences to our beloveds who are saying goodbye and congratulations to our beloveds starting their lives together.