A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

I got so much reaction on this past Sunday’s service on ableism and disability theology. It seemed to resonate with so many of you with your personal stories of disability AND your stories about what you were taught in your early religious days. Like racism, misogyny, heteronormativity, ageism, and all the other isms that separate us from each other, we have the opportunity to open our minds and crack open our hearts to imagine a different way.  

If this thinking about disability and ableism is new for you, I highly recommend the UU website run by UU Disability Champions called EqUUal Access.

Rev. Soto from EqUUal Access has taught me so much about disability justice–and they do it all with humor, grace, and so much love. If you’re interested in learning more about what they do, take a look at this page on ableism-basics.

Unitarian Universalism is a faith that believes that we are never done learning, growing and transforming. One of the things I love about our faith is that I am constantly learning new things about how I can be a better person. I’d love to hear what growth is exciting for you right now.  

You are loved. You are important. And you are ever-growing.