A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

This week is my favorite time of the year–our Congregational Meeting. Yes, you read that right, I love the Congregational Meeting. It is the time in the year when we practice our democratic process in electing our leaders, approving the budget that reflects our values and looking at the ways that we collectively govern ourselves to live our mission the best way possible. It is also the time when we hear from our leaders and ministers about the state of our congregation, finances and ministries. It is a unique opportunity to reflect on our year and look forward.  

Another way to look back on our year is through our Annual Report. In it is a treasure trove of teams, committees, reflections and opportunities. I HIGHLY encourage you to look through it, see the breadth and depth of the groups and ministries associated with UUCP and hear about ALL the amazing work that has been done in our congregation.  

I want to give a big thank you to Ann Ezzell who helped compile the Annual Report with the help of Stephanie Breidel-Vigil and Bonnie White to get all of them collected and assembled. This report is important for our own reflection as well as for us to look back on our history.  

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and having you part of our congregational overview.