A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

I love Stewardship time. Like a little bit unusually much. I love it because it inherently is a time when we can dream, scheme and plan. It is the time we consider what this congregation means to us. While it is about financial support, it has never been JUST about financial support to me. Instead, it is a time to take an inventory on where we’ve been and really talk about where we want to go as a congregation.

This year’s Stewardship is a critical one. Our board has set an ambitious goal of $625,000, which is a 15% increase over last year. This is not an arbitrary number–it is the number that it costs to maintain the congregational support at the level we have now. After pandemic budget-cutting for three years, this is the year we step up and fund our programming at their full rate.

Beyond the financial support, this is the time when we say that yes, we are here and wish to be counted. This is the time we state our commitment to this community. This is also important this year as we need to know that you are here with us after these tumultuous three years.

Our theme, UUCP 2 Me has had me thinking a lot; I have realized that UUCP influences almost everything I do. It informs my morals, how I vote, what words I choose, how I interact with strangers, and how I spend my money. It is where I remember how to be human and it is where I practice creating the world I want to see.

Please fill out your pledge card early so that you can be counted. And please be generous in your support of this community that gives us all so much. From all of us, we say a very hearty thank you.