A picture of Reverend Christine at the pulpit during her installation ceremony

Three years ago this week, we closed the campus due to Covid. This past Sunday, we had a wonderful celebration of our Neighborhood Connectors and how we got through it, with an amazing meal from some of our newest members.  

I remember the first time I spoke to you all remotely–a Saturday evening broadcast that served as a meditation and a tech rehearsal at the same time. It’s 20 minutes and I recommend you watch it here.  

It reflects the fear that we felt and it is a testament to how we gathered around each other at this difficult time.  I expect you may find it as poignant as I did.  

While we know that the pandemic isn’t over (a testament to the number of folks in our congregation infected with it right now), it was a great contrast to think of that time 3 years ago and to contrast it with how exciting and vibrant the meal and celebration was on Sunday. It is good to remember how far we’ve come, how we get through adversity and how we have learned resiliency.  

Next week is our Flower Communion and the conclusion of our Stewardship month. These are important milestones in our congregation and we hope you will join us in the rituals of generosity: giving and receiving metaphorically (through flowers) and literally (through being counted as a proud contributor to this community).